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MadTechers is a new breed of Marketing & Ad Technology consultancy that partners with global brands to transform its marketing results.

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Digital Due Diligence

In this digital age, there are digital asset considerations when companies merge or are acquired. The proper digital due diligence can reveal dangerous gaps ahead of closing to avoid subsequent losses.

  • Exhaustive – our in-depth digital due diligence assessment includes an examination of a company’s digital assets such as websites, social platforms, online communities, tracking tools, existing data and data deals, KPIs, CLV, CAC, tech vendor contracts, audiences, media investments, team capabilities, security, and privacy policies.
  • Current situation – we can also deliver the same assessment of the digital capabilities of your current team or department to identify areas for improvement.

Media In-housing

Marketing is evolving from mass media to mass personalization. We will help you take back control of your digital activities for success in this new era.

  • Paradigm shift – the growing technical complexity and the explosion of customer touchpoints mean that the next generation of marketing teams will have to work in a radically different way. This will mean moving from long lead time channel-based media plans, execution, and analysis to the agile execution of data-centric campaigns.
  • In-housing – we help you in the transition, whether it’s tools set-up, Q&A, account creation, tracking implementation, campaign execution, analytics activities, or training, to be able to outperform your competition.


Marketing & Ad Tech

Technology and digital trends are transforming your daily operations and your strategy.

  • Impartial – we offer unbiased advice of the best marketing & ad technology stack according to your strategy, capabilities and market benchmark; so that you can also transform the experiences that you build for your customers.
  • Know-how – we are experts in the foundational technologies of marketing & ad technologies and have hands-on experience in these platforms optimizing campaigns, tracking and building audiences.
  • Integrated – we provide end-to-end support, from the tech stack definition to the implementation and execution of it.

Data Deals & Collection

We can support you with real-world expertise on the best way to work with first, second, and third party data.

  • First party data – whether it is a DMP, a CDP, a data clean room or the next      acronym that the tech vendors come up with, we will help you to understand the differences between them and provide a clear strategy of how to collect, analyze and activate your first-party data both inside and outside the walled gardens.
  • Data deals negotiation – many people talk about second-party data deals. We have real-     world experience supporting brands closing data deals.
  • Selection of data sources – we can help you be the best third-party data provider for your insights or targeting needs.


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