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We provide independent, fact-based assessments of how the digital media bought by a third party performs. We identify the gaps and opportunities in your web analytics, tech, and data strategies to make your digital activities more efficient.

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Digital Media Performance Audit

In an increasingly complex and competitive digital marketplace, with opaque media fees, rebates or AVBs, advertisers need to have a clear view of where their media budget is going.

  • Transparency – for brands, it is mandatory to be transparent about where every single euro is invested in order to make their budgets more efficient and identify potential errors.
  • Complexity – in the age of automated buying, ad fraud and unclear practices become more intricate for advertisers.
  • Action – we are experts in digital media, and we can provide detailed examinations of the SEM, Display, Social, and Programmatic campaigns run by your media agency to give you clear improvement guidelines.

Web & App Tracking Audit

Companies cannot work with inconsistent data; they need reliable data.

  • Evaluation – we review your Web/App analytics implementations to ensure the accuracy of your data.
  • Rigorous – we work with you to understand your goals and your KPIs, and we then utilize a combination of tools and manual audits to assess the tags and the tracking in your websites.
  • Outcome – you will receive a clear set of fully customized and actionable recommendations so that your analytics agency can implement them, we can also implement them for you.


Martech & Ad Tech Stack

Technology has changed marketing.

  • Importance – the role of technology in marketing is more crucial than ever, and every day, Marketing & Ad Technologies are capturing a larger portion of marketing budgets.
  • Expertise –  the technology options for advertisers keep growing, making it difficult at times to differentiate between them. Choices about technology  can be harder to make, and this      growing complexity makes it easy to misconfigure the tools or to not link them properly.
  • Solution – we can analyze your current marketing and ad technology stack to identify opportunities to make it more efficient and leverage it to its full potential.

Data Leakage Audit

There can be numerous third party pixels and tags in your website.

  • Unauthorized tracking – third party pixels can represent a severe loss for your business if other companies can access to your website audiences.
  • Analysis – we can identify which unauthorized tags are firing in your website and assess the potential risk that might exist for your business in terms of data loss, legal implications by not informing users, and the significant slowing down of the performance of your website.
  • Removal – we will provide you with clear recommendations about how to solve these risks and execute them directly if needed.


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